More than just concrete homes, concrete in beliefs too..

JBD Group's logo has the characteristics of an abstract interpretation of a flower which has always been used as a medium to express feelings and emotions.

The logo takes its blue and green colors from the enormous biodiversity that is still sustaining itself in this urban jungle against all odds and the most important element - water, in which the first life forms evolved. lt exudes beauty and a sense of attachment.

It is a tribute to the natural flora and fauna and JBD's passion to strive hard and bring smiles on the faces of its people through is environment and community friendly innovations

Well done is better than Well Said..

And so is its inception, JBD Group has been driven by dedication and competence and has built the business in belief that honesty and hard work breeds success ultimately maturing into a highly successful and dependable construction firm with a wealth of experience in the field.

JBD's masterfully designed structures are custom built by the most sought after local craftsmen and provide all of the qualities you would expect to fall in the brackets of word class

Behind every unique innovation that JBD Group brings to you there goes a lot of cogitation in conceiving ways to get you that perfect home n which your lifestyle, dreams and aspirations reside. Being aware of how we affect the environment and communities in the neighborhood JBD Group has maintained a strict code of conduct in treating them with courtesy, respect and care. Hence the planning and effort that goes into building each new home will reap the benefits of a job done right the first time